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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chapter 25 "Quarantine"

Since New Years Day I have been in Quarantine, I have developed some bacterial infection that has had me doing nothing but lying on a mattress in the lounge room with a box of tissues (which quickly turned into rolls of toilets papers because they are cheaper)  not eating, not sleeping, not being awake, just dying really. 

I took the initiation to quarantine myself from Kylie & Lisa so they don't catch this disease. Why? Because I need someone to care fore me. Just joking! It's going around staff accommodation like wild fire & I care about my room mates. But I do need them to look after me on a serious note...

I hadn't eaten in 5 days and I've been through 7 toilet rolls & 2 boxes of tissues. But I woke up and made the decision to attempt to go to work in hope that I would forget about being sick. 

I don't know how I thought I could forget I was sick? I was constantly coughing and have a runny nose that required constant attention! Guess I didn't really think it through, they call it flew brain, I think (Guess I shouldn't think though).

 After 2 & a half hours of not helping anyone others than possibly giving the other staff days off (which they wouldn't be ale to enjoy) I was sent home. I felt a little disappointed, how ever I conceded defeat & went straight to bed.

It's now been 8 days since I have been at work. I have eaten 4 meals in the past 8 days and I have more energy to actually be walking around. The new antibiotics have started to help me combat this virus. With any hope I'll do a few hours tomorrow at work and be back into action.

Because I need money! There is no sick pay on a working holiday people! Keep that in mind when Julia & Jake tell you to save up the pennies! It's not so you can shout them a drink when they visit your resort (well it probably is a little, I'm not going to lie) but it's mainly for when your sick. Or not getting enough hours to cover the rent when the season dies down.

Oh did I mention that I have been missing out on some of the best snowboarding powder days at Silver Star this season so far. Here are some of the pictures because I'm sure you don't want to see photos of my mucus or runny nose and the blog requires at least 3 photos....

So Stunning.

Wish I wasn't sick!

Photos from the Silver Star Facebook Page.

I have prepared some tips for you so you can avoid giving the plague to your mates.

Tip 1: Quarantine yourself from everyone else (even if it's not you sick)
Tip 2: Wash your hands (it may seem simple to do but it's really difficult with no energy)
Tip 3: Flush your tissues (but don't block the toilet up either)
Tip 4: Drink plenty of water/juice. (& use the same cup - don't contaminate the others)
Tip 5: Persist (with those above, even when you think your better don't be fooled)

Leave us any other tips your know of & be creative about them :)
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  1. Hey have you guys submitted these photos for the $1000 COMP these are amazing hugs mum xx