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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chapter 27 "Finally Back on the boards"

So the busy part of the season has died down now & we're both in good health (It's about time too). Silver Star has had some great snow fall this season & the Alpine base is sitting above 200cm. For our first season on the snow we have been spoilt with the amazing conditions.

Clearly we have both been itching to get out on the boards and even more to do so together. We are lucky enough to have two great bosses that work together to ensure we as a couple can have time off together and that's what was arranged for us this week...

So it was shred time for us & it was for two days in a row; holy moly we were going to be sore! Thankfully for us we have a massage voucher; Thanks again for that Jon & Michelle!

Kylie & Her Sexy Board. 
Rachel when she fell in the snow & took a selfie
Nick ready to shred

So the boarding began bright & early, the conditions where limited visibility without snow fall (we are thankful for that, so when we fell flat on our faces no one really could see) Nick Hutchins join Kylie & I for a board & to help out with our skills. Especially with getting on & off the lift...

Taking the lift up was the start.
Nick was giving us some pointers.

All we could do was look down at our board - which your not suppose to do!!!
and stare at the magical view of the Monashee Mountains.
We were successful on getting off the lifts without injury, nothing worse than falling flat on your face or bum (dam those lift's must have some good laughs) Nick gave us a few pointers and we boarded for a few hours & then stopped off for lunch at paradise Camp.

It was a great day until Kylie injured herself on a flat run and took out her previously injured knee. She is currently laying on the couch icing it & keeping it elevated. With any luck she'll be good by tomorrow, somehow though I think I'll be boarding alone in the morning whist she is enjoying a much needed massage.

Nick & I continued the afternoon hitting up some black runs and finding some great powder to play in. I still have a lot of growing to do with snowboarding and cant wait for more days like today (minus Kylie's injury)

Nick strapped in about to hit his first black run.
This is Rachel on her bum, black runs just too much at this stage.

I also captured some amazing views of the mountains whilst being on my backside...

Thank you mother nature for some great snow fall, Silver Star for turning mother natures gift of snow into fun, Nick for your tips & The Working Holiday Club for your assistance in making this all possible.

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