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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chapter 26 "FLASH MOB"

Weeks ago I was approached by the events co-ordinate (Joanne) in regards to doing a flash mob with in the village. Of course I was enthusiastic about the idea but not so much at trying to organize staff to do this.
The 1st meeting was held a few days later & I was surprised with the response; we had a solid 20 people wanting to participate. Believe it or not there was even a few boys willing to give it ago (I think the thought of girls practicing in crop tops was motivating)
The next step of trying to organise a time & date to practice the dance & even more so create the dance itself! Lucky for me I had Kyla to help out with the choreography.
The moves were busted out & the girls were excited about the whole concept. The music was sorted & we even filmed it to post on our "OPERATION NOEL" facebook page in hope that others would learn the moved & join in.
We had a few more practices after that and we were as ready as we were going to be. Then on christmas eve right after the fireworks we were suppose to start but we only had 5 of us girls there my worst fears started. The music started and my heart sank but before you knew it out from the crowd we combined with 20 or so of us glow sticks in hand, santa hats on heads and energetic dance moves!

The crowd loved it and we were lucky enough to get a few shots of it & some on film. I've been waiting a few weeks for the film but unfortunately still haven't got my hands on it. As soon as I do though I'll post it on the next blog.
Afterwards we got a photos with majority of us

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