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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chapter 37 "Nick Jenkins TWHC Member"

You guys should know us well enough by now so its time to meet the rest of the people we have shared this amazing experience with. To find out what they do & what they love about their time at Silver Star Mountain Resort & getting here with The Working Holiday Club.

This clubber would have to be one of our favourite's and one of the few first people we met when we were in Vancouver at the beaver bar.

Name: Nicholas Andrew Jenkins but you can call him Nick!
Age: 26 (27 in August)
Hometown: Yarloop, Perth- Western Australia. (That's 150km from Perth's city)
Occupation at Silver Star: Pond Tech at Tube Town

What do you do for a crust back home in Australia: Heavy duty diesel mechanic

Life Motto: "Just have fun- no regrets, something like that"

Tell us a bit about yourself: I'm bit of a mad c***, just a really good bloke & the chick of this world should start realising it. *all said in humour*

Why did you choose The Working Holiday Club? It's the first thing that came up on google... 

Why did you choose Silver Star? The Working Holiday Club picked out Silver Star for me as that's where they thought I would be best suited.

What are you missing most about home? The beer & mum's cooking.

What is one of your greatest moments in life so far? Winning my first motocross race..

Have broken any bones? Couple of fingers, one from football and one from motor cross.

One thing you don't leave home without? bottle of water

Our Hot Seat Questions:

What was the last lie you told? I tell a few small lies almost daily to make life run a little smoother.

Funniest thing you've done on this working holiday? Not dragging the smoking hot Japanese/Hawaiian girl down the isle when I was in Vegas- What a missed opportunity!!!

and lastly...

What colour undies are you wearing?  Not wearing any!!

What do you think about our latest clubber? P.s. he's single ladies *wink wink* Leave Nick or ourselves a comment below... (Change the "comment as" button below the post to: anonymous; this is so you don't have to create an account)

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