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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chapter 36 "Cheeky Vanouver Trip"

So as you would all be aware from our last blog "Chapter 35- Shaking Mountain Fever" Kylie & myself took a short trip to Vancouver with a friend from The Working Holiday Club to take some time off work & the mountain to refresh ourselves for the last month of the season.

We were all so excited to see new faces and new places on this short trip and were full of energy and excitement, Which is exactly what we needed when our bus was 5 hours late!!! To some they may have seen this as a disaster but us girls embraced it to the fullest. With the company of a lovely old Chinese couple & their hospitality we got through the night.

First Stop Chinese Shop.
Turns out they own a Chinese restaurant which they took us back to for warmth, bathroom breaks & some dinner & drinks until the bus arrived at 1.30am.

We finally arrived in Vancouver  and after several hours of sleep; here is our trip in pictures...

Day 1 Of being a Tourist- General Shopping & Exploring- Vancouver.

Day 2 of Being Tourist- Broad Water, Vancouver.

Day 3 Being a Tourist- Granville Markets, Vancouver.

Day 4- NHL Game- Vancouver

We even saw Pamela Anderson There....

And on the walk home from the NHL Game...

And Kylie found a Soccer ground with Astro Turf...
It was a great trip in Vancouver and sharing it with a friend from the working holiday club made it even better...


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