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Hi our names are Rachel and Kylie and we are new to both working overseas and blogging. So far it's been pretty easy thanks to The Working Holiday Club. Want to know or see more, just ask!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chapter 39 "Work & Play at Silver Star"

Want to know what working at Silver Star is like? 

If you missed the post from The Working Holiday Club's Facebook page here it is:

Work & Play at Silver Star

If you want to find out more about Silver Star or the jobs your interested in- let Kylie & I know, we'll give you the answers...

I'm excited for all the 2013/2014 crew, it's going to be an experience of a life time. Make sure you do what Jake, Julia & Nat ask you to do promptly, just incase you run into a speed bump.

If you haven't jumped on board yet I suggest you focus on getting yourself in contact with The Working Holiday Club to find out when you can jump aboard and keep in mind that they don't just do Canada.

Leave us a question or comment below... (Change the "comment as" button below the post to: anonymous; this is so you don't have to create an account)