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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chapter 3 "Packing"

The great debate happened a few months back when we were getting together all the bit's and pieces we needed to travel overseas... Toothbrush holders, Flight Socks, Flash Light, Travel Adapters, Sleeping Bags, New undies, the list went on and on... So with a massive list and so many pairs of undies what should we use a Suitcase or Backpack??? Both had their pro's and con's...

So the decision was Back Pack unanimously by Kylie & most of The Working Holiday Club forum members, with a few of us unhappy girls sigh-fully agreeing... The shopping around for one commenced and so did my tears when I seen how little I could fit into the backpacks. Not only could they hold very little of my massive wardrobe, but none are pink! This didn't bother Kylie and we picked a 65L backpack up for about $100 (this was on sale & a rather good buy, but UGLY)....

The UGLY non pink Back Pack

Throughout the last few months we have been putting bits and pieces into our back packs; new T shirt here, new undies there, New beanie here, new socks there, some extra undies here... It wasn't looking like such a bad decision... Until yesterday, when we finally sat down and packed for real!!! We tried folding the clothes- Fail! We tried rolling the clothes (Myth it fits more) FAIL! we considered the space saver bags? (But how would we re-seal them when back packing around?) I will still investigate this one!

My Clothing that's suppose to ft into the backpack.
So... we threw out some spare undies that we had (a sacrifice had to be made) a few T Shirts, a few jumpers, a pair of shoes... And its still packed o the brim!!! Kylie and I had ambitions of shopping overseas whilst in the USA! Ha, haha, ha ha *insert tears* not likely, we are now going to be smelly overseas back packers that won't be able to shop unless we pay for extra baggage everywhere we fly (we will accept donations for this at any time people, every bit counts)

So our backpacks are finally packed, kinda... We still have our carry on Bags which consist of- sleeping bags (in case our plane gets delayed and we need to crash for a few hours in the airport), Laptops, spare change of clothes, undies, toiletries, headphones, camera, iPad, SLR.. Oh dear, see this list is adding up also...  We have to re-think the bags we were using, as carry on can only be 9kg's/certain dimensions... 

Hopefully we can come to some sort of resolution before we fly out in 3 days time... Wish us luck... Leave some comments below or any helpful tips (don't forget to change the comment as button to anonymous if you don't have a blogger account)

Goodbye Wardrobe, Hello Ugly Backpack!!!


  1. You can always pack your overseas bargains in boxes and post them home. We won't open them! Honest!! (FYI Shirts XL Shoes 9) I'll just go out now and wait for the postie!!

  2. You could vacuum seal some heavier clothes I'm sure there will be access somewhere to a vacuum cleaner the cleaners always have one not a silly idea to suck them up even the undies :) Hugs Mum xx

  3. We used the zip tight vacuum bags. But we can hardly see the difference it makes. we opted for putting my back back inside a rather large suitcase for all our shopping in LA. :) hugs Rachel & Kylie xoxoxo

  4. Using Vacuum Bags will always be good options. It reduces any chances of wastage.