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Hi our names are Rachel and Kylie and we are new to both working overseas and blogging. So far it's been pretty easy thanks to The Working Holiday Club. Want to know or see more, just ask!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chapter One "The Beginning"

Starting this first blog is much like the concerning, unsure state of mind Kylie and I were in when we first decided to travel the world. (No Freaking clue what so ever!!) Well we had a basic idea. We had to save, decide on a place, look into what is required, get new undies for the adventure (seriously every one needs a new pair of jox for a new adventure) The list was really long and it wasn't just undergarments... 

If you haven't read our bio yet you should it explains a bit about us, so you should read it! If you haven't read it, you probably don't like reading so here is a photo of us instead. (Kylie is on the left and myself; Rachel, on the left also, just joking I'm the handsome one on the right.)

But I'm glad you like reading, cause you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't. Over this next chapter in our life we are going to blog about absolutely everything. When I say everything, I mean everything. For example: We are going to post videos, links on where to go; to do the same as us; or where not to, where the cheapest undies are (most useful), and loads of photos like this one...

So how did we get to this point without ripping our hair out, remaining a solid couple, not loosing all our money to a Nigerian lottery and remaining completely sane (well not going any more insane than we already are)?

We went to a few local travel agents and found out about the Travel Expo in Brisbane. Thousands of brochures, a few environmentally friendly bags and some bumper stickers later we came across a stall with a big and bright personality that equally match's Kylie's and my own. It felt like our searching was over... (she even had a shuffle off with Ky, this was rather impressive)

Her name is Julia Dahl and she works for The Working Holiday Club.

After stealing her attention for over half an hour and a few gestures and comments of the  "sister hood" or as uncle Greg would say "the cult" we knew that we wanted to pursue our travels with a company that could help us and most importantly are like us. They have helped us with absolutely everything and most importantly we already made one friend before the serious stuff had even occurred.

So... Canada was decided and we handed over the keys of responsibility to Julia (priceless). We enrolled ourselves in the Powder Pack and the rest is History. Visa sorted, Insurance Sorted, Accommodation sorted, Job acquired, new undies... still yet to be sorted... 

Yesterday was my last day of work in Australia and Kylie and I are on our way to a secure job, accommodation, and join a few new friends we have met along the way through the pre-depature parties and social networking forums with The Working Holiday Club. These past few months have flown by and I wouldn't change how we've done this for anything, well a million dollars would come in handy so please feel free to donate...

 We should arrive at Ski Silver Star Resort http://winter.skisilverstar.com  mid November. When you finished checking out that link; cause I know you guys are all excited to see where we will call home for this years 2012/2013 Snow Season. We dare you to jump onto this link http://www.the-workingholiday-club.com and see what we are so excited about, and we double dare you to meet us over there next season. In fact we triple dare you to do it without any new undies...

This is a youtube film of Silver Star Resort Opening Day 2011/2012, This season I guarantee it is going to be better (we're apart of the team) 


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  2. I love the continuous comments about undies and I can totally imagine Kylie "shuffling" at an expo! You guys are going to have a blast! I miss you already and you haven't even left! Can't wait to read all about your adventures!! xx Rachel's big sis Mel xx

  3. Love it.....can't wait to continue reading about the amazing journey you two are about to embark on. Best of luck xx

  4. Helpful hint: when you leave your comment change (comment as: google account) to anonymous... This will allow you to post without creating a account...

  5. Miss you guys already and you haven't left yet but will feel like I'm there ready about your wonderful undies adventure Luv Mumma Bear xxx

  6. Have a great adventure. We will miss you but will love hearing about your adventures and escapades Love Mummy and Daddy

  7. Take me with u I can't wait to hear about all your adventures take care and play safe xx

  8. Looking forward to keeping up to date with all the stuff you two crazy kids get up to over there! Good luck girls :)

  9. hahaha the cult!! thats the best !! xoxoxox