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Monday, October 29, 2012

Chapter 5 "touchdown LA"

Hey guys, just thought we'd let you all know that we arrived in LA. The exact same day and time we left, the time difference from Australia to USA meant that we didn't loose a moment travelling. The flight wasn't too bad we had heaps of in flight entertainment (thanks to the colouring in book Chookie bought us), the food was pretty good and our seats were at the very back meaning we had no little kid kicking the back of our seat or no stinky person sitting beside us. WIN!

The Flight
When we arrived in LA and grab our luggage and headed straight for a share bus to go to our hostel. Travelling along the highways we were like dogs with our heads out the window; every sign amazed us, every building was "wowed" at and when we finally seen that "HOLLYWOOD" sign butterflies filled our stomachs.

Our Accommodation
 20 minutes in the shuttle bus and we arrive at our hostel we checked in and were directed to our room. More like a jail cell with a comfy bed to some *insert unimpressed face here*

 Walking along Hollywood Blvd was an eye opener! People were walking past us and I couldn't help but to turn my head and sometimes stop and stare. A homeless guy was picking up rubbish on the side of the road and right beside him "Barbie" walked straight past with her dog in her hand. Kylie & I felt very plain which kinda made us stand out even more. We had a look at a few shops and walked around for about half an hour. 

Lunch on Hollywood Blvd at The Pig 'n' Whistle
We found The Pig 'n' Whistle and decided to grab a bite to eat out the front so we could sit down with our sunnies on an watch all the bazaar people walk by. After lunch we headed straight back to the hostel to try to meet up with Sam & Ben (two guys we met through The Working Holiday Club) it was great seeing familiar faces. Sam had tickets to see Armin Van Buuren and Kylie & I were both really keen to go but jet lag had set in. 

We fell asleep for a few hours and I just woke up to the ruckus of the other people in the hostel. I am anxious to go see whats happening around the place and Kylie has just woken up herself. So I'll finish this post to go explore our hostel with Kylie, book in our Disney Land shuttle bus and maybe grab a bite to eat from the vending machine outside our room.

Mid Night Snack? Vending Machine outside our room.


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  1. Sounds like lots of fun already! Bonus about not loosing tjmw travelling :) awesome photo montage :) love u both x

  2. Sounds like lots of fun already! Bonus about not loosing tjmw travelling :) awesome photo montage :) love u both x

  3. I must say I am a little confused, when you said you were going on a working holiday did you mean prison. Photo has thrown me a little.is there anything you meant to tell us.ha ha. Glad to hear you have arrived safely. Missing you already. Love Mum

    1. Hahahahah the accommodation was a lot to be desired. lucky for us we're now staying at disneyland. New blog post coming soon x

  4. Well girls so happy you are safe and does sound like your still having fun, prison food looks really good too I might add. Can't wait to see more pictures, have fun and stay safe. Miss and love you heaps. Hugs & Kisses Mum