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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Chapter 4 "Farewell"

This will be our last blog before we embark on our great adventure. We have said a few good byes and things are getting very exciting, yet REAL! Kylie & I are so very proud of how far we have come and even prouder of how far we will be going... Some people tell us "we're lucky" but it isn't luck! We've worked hard to pay off our debt & save, we've had the courage to do as we desire and the strength to persist. However we do have a few "thanks" to say to those that helped along the way....

To the SOROHAN'S- THANK YOU SO MUCH for the love and support & FREE BOARD!!! Kylie & Myself could not have paid off our debt & saved this fast without your help. You have all been so positive about this next chapter in our lives and make this journey so much easier by doing so. We will miss you all so much and Christmas will be hard without you all. Your an amazing Family to be apart of we're both such lucky girls. Chookie/Josh, Nat/Dan & Matt/Sophia one word....Coachella??? Come on we didn't do good vibes this year? 

*Insert tears here* This is the part where I start to cry thinking about saying goodbye to all he great people in our lives... Yes I am "That Girl" that cries at every heartfelt story and sad movie... Maybe it'd be best for Kylie to write this, but as usually she is fast asleep as we have to get up at 6am tomorrow morning to be at Brisbane Airport by 8am... I am just far to excited to sleep!!!

To Mumma Bear, Nana, Ron, Big Sis & Lil Brother, I don't know where I would be in this crazy world without your stability & friendships. I can't continue to write much more because the tears are overwhelming. You know we love you dearly and it's going to suck not coming home to cookies every Sunday afternoon Nana, or unconditional hugs from you Mumma Bear... Lil brother ( who isn't quite so little any more 200cm tall and counting) I hope you find direction in life- Maybe Canada? hit "The Working Holiday Club" Page Out & have a look, the links below!!! Big Sis, please don't have our niece or nephew while we're gone; everyone is in good hand with you around...

Grandma and & Grandad, Thanks for shouting us our first beverage. Sunday night dinners are without a doubt going to be missed the most. See you soon & don't forget to leave us one of the rooms free in your new home for when we return :)

Marg & Kev, thank you for all the hard work on sewing together our flannelette sleeping bag insert. We'll think of you both every time we curl up inside our cosy sleeping bags xoxoxo

Anjelika Smith (aka Smelly) YOUR THE BEST! thank you for taking over the responsibility of selling my car. Your my best friend forever; but most importantly your like family. I don't know what I do without you when the tough jobs need doing... Meet you in Europe if we get the chance xoxoxo

Mary Graham (aka sissy)- You did an absolute amazing job of our photography for our blog, Facebook, twitter & YouTube page. THANK YOU! Your such a great friend to have and will always be my little sister that I never had. Though sometimes my little brother does challenge that! 

Emma, Kara & Jhett (aka bffls) Thank you for simply being there throughout life when you were all needed the most! Thanks for the relaxing holiday before our adventure and all the moral support. WE WILL MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! Please don't grow up to fast while we are gone Master Jhett. We won't waste a minute of this adventure. BIG LOVES UP TO YOU ALL xoxoxo

All the Uncles, Aunties, Cousins, Family Friends, Thank you for your encouragement and donations (which if you haven't done so all ready please feel free to do so mid travel when we're running out of $)  It's going to be tough not seeing all you for so long, so feel free to come visit... We'll be here at this link below.

To all those that don't feel like they haven't been mention, We're going to miss you all & thank you...

To The Working Holiday Club... Thanks for existing & making this easy! Who would of thought we'd be leaving Australia in less than a day to have a job, accommodation, visa's and clean undies... Well maybe the clean undies are our responsibility. Thanks Julia, Jake and Natalie. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST, WE WOULDN'T RECOMMEND ANYONE ELSE!!!
If anyone else wants to check out this great company head to:

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Feel free to leave your good bye messages below on the comment section...

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  1. It's not goodbye....it's see you soon! I got teary reading this! And I have been the strong one for a change! I guess it is starting to sink in that you will be so far away but you know what...This is an amazing adventure, enjoy every moment, stay safe and be kind to one another! Take loads of pics and obviously keep in touch!!!! I will try not to have a baby while you're gone but I can't wait forever....Love you BOTH! But especially you Rach! We may not always see eye to eye being stubborn sisters but I love you and always will. I only want the best for you! xxxxxxx

    1. Thanks sis xoxoxo we just arrived in LA. Reality has hit. But your right its see you soon. We're just freshening up & going to hit hollywood blvd for some super sized meals :)

  2. Bye guys we will miss you guys like crazy..
    Make sure you enjoy yourself otherwise wouldn't be worth leaving us for so long...
    Jhett will grow up but who knows if he doesn't start sleeping in his own bed you may get a little visitor for a while...
    Make sure u send heaps of pics and adventures back this way for us to admire your newly formed maturity ky.. Lol
    Have fun , stay safe and who knows maybe one day we will meet u somewhere else in the world..
    Oh yeah and thanks for putting my name first I always knew I was the favourite...:):):)

    1. hahaha it was in alphabetical order. But if you want to think that go right ahead. :P The reality is Jhetts our favourite now hahaha. no but seriously. Disney Land tomorrow we're going to find you guys some cool stuff...!!! p.s. facebook private message us your address... WE LOVE YOU HEAPS!!! XOXOX

  3. Sure is an Adventure of a Lifetime for you both, so happy to see that it has happened but you both (Rac especially xx) will surely be missed but we will always be thinking of you , stay safe and out of trouble. Love and Hugs from Mumma Bear, Grumply Bear & Brother Bear xxxxxxx

    1. Our life is an adventure now. We'll try to think of you all while we're at Disney Land, Hollywood, snowboarding everyday :)