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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Chapter 15 "Guest Service- Rachel's Job"

Incase you haven't been reading our blog, I secured a position with the guest services team. Unlike Kylie who just wanted a care free job in Tube Town; I still wanted to maintain a healthy resume for whatever I might apply for in the future.

As part of my guest services job is to have great knowledge and understanding of all the things that happen on Silver Star Mountain Resort. This is so I can give our guest the best service and advice when helping them with their needs. To be able to perform my job to a high enough standard there come some great benefits. Like.. 

Free dinners at the different restaurants; so we can inform guest of the atmosphere and menu. 

Free snow-shoeing tours so we can advise guest of the type of clothing that should be worn; level of activeness and how much energy they should reserve... 

Snow Shoeing

Free dinner and sleigh ride home from The Wild Horseman's Cabin; so we can advice guest of the type of experience they will have.

Wild Horseman's Cabin Dinner & Sleigh Ride...

Guest service team members might enjoy a whole heap of free benefits but ultimately it is our responsibility to ensure each and ever single guest has a magical stay at Silver Star Mountain Resort.  

It's also involves a fair few hours so less time out on the snow shredding up the pow. However for those of you that a considering a working holiday with The Working Holiday Club and still want a impressive resume when they return home; you can have both!

Or if you want a care free job that will give you plenty of time to snow board or ski try something like Tube Town, Food & Beverage or Lift Op's...

Well I need to go do some washing we are running our of clean undies...


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  1. Love all those perks!!! But I much prefer to have Kylie's job and get more snowboarding in. You can work hard when you get back home...

  2. Hi, I am looking at applying for silverstar, i was just wondering what the interview was like? Is it similar to interviews back home? And what ecperience did you have in regards to geting your job in guest services? Thanks