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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chapter 23 "Working Hard for the Money"

It's the busiest time of the winter season here at Silver Star Resort and across all the other resorts throughout Canada. The Christmas Holiday's and New Year's Celebrations has sent the resort into overdrive. Some staff are pulling 50+ hours each week and are even staying in on the weekends so they are fresh to keep powering on. Not to mention we all need the cash to pay off the credit card debts travelling has got us into...

It has been crazy meeting all these different people from all corners of the world. Each have a different story to tell and they all bring a unique energy to the mountain. We've met a lot of Aussies (which makes you feel like you have a little piece of home), Famous people like this NHL Hockey Player

Stanley Cup Winner, Willie Mitchell
Local Music Artist & even owners of big ski brand companies... 

Sometimes you don't even notice who they are cause your so busy making sure everyone has a magical experience; it's not until you've gave the tickets to them and sent them on their way that your co-worker says "You know who that was right?"

We also hosted a Rail Jam at Silver star Mountain Friday night which brought talent from all over Canada to compete against each other in front of hundred of people. It was great to watch but even greater to know that your co-workers and friends help create such a awesome event...

Rail Jam Comp Picture from Silver Star Resorts Facebook Page.

It might be a lot of work now, with all the long hours and lack of patients for each other but it'll be over mid January and we'll be out on our boards again and eating two minute noodles. 

But for now, waking up to views like this every morning, sure as hell make it worth the long days and annoying alarm clocks....

Lisa McCabe from The Working Holiday Club took this Christmas Morning.


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