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Friday, December 14, 2012

Chapter 17 "Tube Town- Kylie's Job"

So for all you that have read our previous blog "Chapter 15- Guest Services- Rachel's job" and wanted something care free and easy whilst your on a working holiday; so you can have plenty of time to snow boarding or for skiing. Let me tell you about the sweet job that The Working holiday Club lined me up with this season at Silver Star Mountain Resort...

...Tube Town...

Tube town Work Crew

You can even have a catchy song that goes with it...
"Tube operator... Tuuuuuubbbeee oooppppeerrrator..."
**sing to the tune of smooth operator**

This job is hands down the best job on the mountain...

WHY you ask?

* Well it's a load of fun.

* You have the best work mates.

* Even the bosses are RAD (aka Becky and Ewen) 

* Everyone that comes to tube town wants to have fun...
(so it's so easy to enjoy yourself)

* Every job you get at tube town is so new and exciting... 
Oh! Except if you are working in PIT ... that job sucks ... it's cold, lonely and BORING..  
(I even put this is little writing because I really dont want you to think it's too important)

* Oh! And did I mention it's hard work sometimes...
(It's still classified as a pro because it's only sometimes)

Tube Town Crew strolling around on their day off...

I have been working mostly afternoon shifts and let me tell you I'm coming home at 10pm absolutely exhausted. The job it's self is amazing, but very physical, which im not quite use to yet. However, every day I'm getting up and can't wait to get back to Tube Town to do it all over again.

Here are some more pictures from Tube Town incase all the smiling faces in the previous photos wasn't 
enough evidence for you...

Having fun opening day/night...


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  1. wooo tube town!! i especially like the photos ;) ha ha x