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Monday, December 24, 2012

Chapter 21 "Our 1st White Christmas"

This year was our first Christmas away from home and not to mention it was also our 1st White Christmas. 

We thought it be best that we create a little video from us...

So here it is... 

We hope your all having as much fun as us this year. It's been great to have snow, a fire place and Christmas Carollers. 

Thank you to all The Working Holiday Club Members & Ski Silver Star Resort for a magical christmas...


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  1. This was so lovely to watch on Christmas morning was teary for awhile, just nice to hear your voices and hope your 1st White Christmas is wonderful would like a really really nice picture...ooh I don't have an address at all to even send anything to you guys which is quite sad really. So from myself, Ron & Thomas we which you a fabulous Christmas, love you heaps and more hugs xxx