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Hi our names are Rachel and Kylie and we are new to both working overseas and blogging. So far it's been pretty easy thanks to The Working Holiday Club. Want to know or see more, just ask!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Chapter 35 "Shaking the Mountain Fever"

Definition- Mountain fever is much like cabin fever but on a mountain.

Its something that almost every Working Holiday Club Member will feel at some point; that and being home sick. Which both Kylie & myself felt when we got sick/injured ourselves...
Why? I think it's because you've done everything your resort has to offer and everything you do is no longer exciting and starts to become day to day life....
So what do you do when this happens?

That's a very good question, so we looked to The Working Holiday Club and their members for some advice.

TWHC Member Teri Masters, 22 from Perth Says:
"Buy a car at the start of the season, that way when you have 2 days off you can go explore"- Very Practical Advice if you have the money to do so, if not buy in a group like Teri did.

A Guy whom wishes to remain Anonymous says:
"Toughen Up" - We just love the support and thats why he wished to remain anonymous.

Jake Gibbs from The Working Holiday Club:
"Take a few days off and go explore somewhere else/new to feel the excitment you did when you first arrived"

So thats what exactly what we've done. We've just arrived in Vancouver yesterday; to see the things we didn't see when we were too busy shopping for new equipment and having far to many drink with the other club members.

Taking a short Trip off the mountain for a few days was the best advice Jake could of given us. That's the best thing about The Working Holiday Club; once your at your resort the help just doesn't stop, they are there to help to the very end of the season.

I'm excited to shop, go to the aquarium, shop, to see my first NHL game, shop, go to Grandville Island and shop. Not too sure if Kylie feel's the same about shopping though...

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