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Hi our names are Rachel and Kylie and we are new to both working overseas and blogging. So far it's been pretty easy thanks to The Working Holiday Club. Want to know or see more, just ask!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Chapter 42 "Everything comes to an end"

So the 7th of April 2013 marked the last day of the season for Silver Star Mountain Resort and there were mixed emotions all round...

For some clubbers they were ready to get the sun back onto their pasty white flesh but majority felt a sense of despair as they packed up their boards and snow gear and said good bye to:

Living on a Mountain.
The Snow.
The Snow Boarding.
The Ice Skating.
The Skiing.
Their Jobs.
Their Roommates.
Their Friends.
The Fresh Air.
The Poutine.
The Smores.
The Nights Out.
The Pubs.
The Blue Bird Days.
The Cold Canadian Nights.
To having all you friends in the one place.
 To be constantly occupied by something or someone.

Thanks to everyone that made our experience incredible Kylie & I will cherish the memories forever. We wish you all the best on your next adventure in life...

Ski Season 2012/2013 you surprised us in many ways!!!

Thanks to The Working Holiday Club for making it all happen. 



  1. Hi Rachel and Kylie,

    I'm so excited for 2013/14 snow season! I was just wondering - is it possible to actually 'save' money while working at the ski resorts? I know it depends on individual spending habits but, generally speaking... ?


    1. Hi anonymous,

      You should be excited!!!!! Kylie & I saved, but you should never rely on that because alot of the other clabbers didn't!!! We were fortunate that we had 30+ hours each a week and we didnt drink every weekend.!!
      I hope that helps! what are you thinking of doing?