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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chapter 43 "Road trip to Coachella & Day 1"

So the end of the season for Silver Star end's at the perfect timing for Coachella Music and Arts festival in Indio, CA.

SO what did we do?


The Beast That Got Us There!!
The Desert Highway to Coachella

There was 3 car loads of clubber's from silver star including us that made the journey to Coachella for weekend 1. We seen almost all of our favourite music artist all in the one location over 3 days and I can not express how complete we both feel right now (minus how exhausted we are from the madness)

Due to how awesome each day was we're going to break it up into 3 different blogs!

Starting with Day One:

The Line Up (Set Times)

Metric Performing On the Main Stage as we arrived...
Our Coachella outfits (notice the sun safety!)

Giant "MOVING" Snail.

Giant "MOVING" Insect

Alt J Performing

We missed of Monsters and Men and only just heard the end of "Little Talks" (just couldn't do everything) #guttered

We found Scarlet by chance in a crowd of 80,000 people!!! She was very dehydrated! 

Passion Pit Performing on the main stage was a #HIGHLIGHT

I caught Passion Pits water bottle!!! 

Passion Pit has been heavily played on my ipod for months now & seeing them perform live has made me fall deeper in love, can someone please buy me their albums on Vinyl to add to my collection (I have all their cd's already)

Coachella Ferris Wheel at dusk!!!
 As the night came crawling in the festival turned into a wonderland of lights and magic!!!

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Performing on the main stage  #SoCrazy #TheirAmazing

TNGHT We showed up early to get upfront for the next act & loved them so much! 
Best part about a festival is finding new talent!!!

Purity Ring Performing #shehasthevoiceofanangel

Kylie & I at the very front for TNGHT, PURITY RING & FOALS!!!
Some how we managed to push to the front for almost every act, the crowd is so tame compared to Australian music festivals... Our theory is... "Its something in the air- that their all smoking"

Foals Live & Loud all the way from LONDON!!!!
 And our 2nd Favourite Act of the Day after making a way through puffs of smoke clouds to the front of Jurassic 5... (But not 2nd best, we love them just as much as Passion Pit, so please buy all the Passion Pit vinyl available) 



Coachella Day One was Incredible... tired, but excited we left the festival ground to make it back to the resort villa where we dehydrated and rested up to do it all again the next day.

So check out our next blog to see what happened on day 2.

"Thanks for reading our blog!"

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  1. Glad it was everything and more that you hoped! x

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