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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chapter 44 "Coachella Day 2"

Ok so if you didn't think Coachella Day 1 was epic enough this is what happened on day two (after sleeping in until 11am and hosting showers for the girls that were camping)

This was the line up and we didn't know how we were going to see all the acts with so many clashing with each other...

The line up (set times)
Meeting up with our favourite ladies in front of the massive Ferris Wheel!! (Minus Nick & Spencer who took the pictures with our 4 different cameras) The other clubbers from The Working Holiday Club were M.I.A. and without mobile phones it was going to be impossible to catch up. 

Gemma, Rachel, Kylie, Allira & Scarlett you can just call us "Team Amazing"

So we marched forward with the day with our small army to the Gobi Tent to see a few acts...

Bat For Lashes #shehasthevoiceofanangel #butwearstheclothesofamermaid
at the front of Major Laser

Crowd Surfing in a Zorb Ball...

 Major Lazer put on such an entriguing show!!! Didn't think this was going to be the highlight for the day!!! But it was a definite highlight!!!

Fedde Le Grand was up on stage, but with all the pill poppers around and the lack of entertainment I took time to take this awesome shot!

Kylie & I at the front for Benny Benassi
Benny Benassi "No you are a Cinema, we could watch you forever"
 We missed out on Yeasayer and only caught a glimps of the song "O.N.E". We then made our way to the main coachella stage to listen to our favourite acts and I caught my favourite song from The Postal Service (life is great how it works)

The Postal Service singing "Such great Heights"
Then for the performance Kylie & I had been long anticipating since 2011 when we were recommended their first album by a co-worker... (Thanks for that Mr. Humpries)

"The XX"

 The performance had tears dripping down my eyes and I didn't think anything could top it off... Coachella kept doing that to us it seems... Sure we had to miss Two Door Cinema Club but definitely the right decision!!!

Then this happened...


They kicked off the performance with their new song "Entertainment" and the crowd went insane!!!

Pheonix's lead singer being held up by the crowd singing such an incredible song "Countdown" 

Oh and we had a surprise appearance from R.Kelly he sung "Ignition" into his diamond incrusted microphone & believe it or not it mixed in perfectly with Pheonix!!!

The end of Coachella Day 2 led us into deep slumber, waking up at 10am and going to bed at 3am is rather tiring expecially when you mix it with desert heat, drinking and dancing to your favourite artists...

Knowing that the next day was going to be our last day we had to make the most of it so off to bed for the night it was to prepare ourselves for day 3...



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