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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chapter 45 "Coachella Day 3 - Why did it have to end?"

 Waking up on the last day of Coachella was hard, as we were tied from the past two days of drinking, walking around all day, the desert heat, late nights, early mornings and it was the last day. *insert sad faces here*

Line up (Set Times)
The plan was to wake up early & go to see Adrian Lux but that didn't happen we were far too tired from going to bed at 4am.

So we headed in to see grimes & then meet with the awesome team at 5.30 in front of the ferris wheel again.

Grimes such a talented artist!
5.30 came around & we found the crazy Gemma who took photos of us while we waited for Allira.

We then took photos of the crew for the day and headed off to see The Lumineers...

Gemma, Kylie, Allira & Rachel "Team Awesome, minus 1"

Passing by some impressive art work along the way...
The snail has meaning "If you want to go fast, go alone... If you want to go far, go together"

Power Station

Coachella, such a beautiful place. It was my 3 days in heaven!

We made it to The Lumineers and listened to their beautiful music up close, so much talent. "Ho Hey"... &... "Flowers in her Hair" are two songs you've got to see them play live!!!

The Lumineers...
We then planned to meet some of the other clubbers at section A9 before we headed to Tame Impala, but they were there so we took some photos while we waited...

Rachels & Kylies Festival Shoes!!

Taking Selfies!!!

 We didn't wait any longer as the schedule was getting tight & we needed to fit in some food. So we headed to on of the many food areas to grab something to refuel for the rest of the evening...

 We went and seen Tame Impala up close and I was amazed at their talent & his Guitar!!! ***WANT*** They are a band all the way from Perth, Western Australia and I am so proud that they are home grown. Keep your eyes on these guys, they will be on the main stage in a few years to come...

Tame Impala
 We met a robot that you could have an intelligent conversation with...

 I know it seems like we've done alot already but it's only half way... We seen one of my favourite female artist in a band called "La Roux" she is unfortunatley not gay but that wont stop us from loving her...
La Roux
The only performance I didn't get up close to. #hervoicemakesmyheartbeatfast
 The night closed in on us and we had to get a good psoition for the headlining act of the night "Red hot Chilli Peppers, so we made our way to the main stage...

taking some photos along the way...

Coachella at night- Bliss
 Oh did we mention there was a sand storm that blew in and there was nothing we could do about it apat from embrace the moment & dance in the rain (we'll we know it wasn't rain but dust is just as much fun"
Kylie being crazy fun as usual

Rachel moment just after she jumped
 We caught Vampire Weekend from a distance a quicky made our way to the front, man these guys were good, but getting through a mass crowd with Gemma, Allira & Kylie was even better! I have never laughed so much in my life!!!

Vampire Weekend

Playing around in a crowd of mass amount of people...

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
We had to sit through Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Whilst he sang about f**king people in the a**e and thrusting a crowd of people. Wasn't the best sistuation for the innocent people upfront camping out for The Red Hot Chilli Peppers...
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
It was hypnotic to the crowd.

 We were so close only meters away from them , the crowd was packed like sardines and in absolute ore of their performance... Then Before you knew it we were pulled over the fence & backstage for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers...
Back Stage for Red hot chilli Peppers by "glass bottle to Allira's Face"
 How do you ask? "Well... Allira took a glass bottle to the face like a champion, I have this photo for you of her with the medical team; instead of her covered in blood! We feel like Allira took one for the team and really gives a whole new perspective on what we now call "The nose bleed section"
The medical Team & Allira

 We caught a few songs from Disclouser while Allira grabbed a bite to eat and we washed the blood form our bodies. Im glad we did because their performance was AWESOME!!!


 Then we took a few more photos as we headed back to catch the rest of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers *but didn't take anymore photos from the "fake" nose bleed section...

Oh! We also stumbled across a photo booth that you held your wristband up to & it posted photos to your facebook automatically, lucky we didn't find this on day 1 otherwise we would have had to have a whole other blog...

Kylie & Rachel

Rachel, Gemma, Kylie & Allira

Rachel, Kylie, Allira & Gemma

 Then we somehow found printed band aids in one of our bags and decided it was needed to wear them as a group. All for one and one for four!!!

Supporting a good cause & wearing a nose bandaid!
After this we had to say Goodbye to Coachella and these two lovely ladies. It was the hardest thing i've done yet, I can wait until our paths meet again. Along with paths of man of the other Silver Star Staff Members and The Working holiday Club Members. 

"Next stop. Hermosa Beach, CA."

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