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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chapter 10 "Vancouver"

So on the last blog we left you off with us checking into the backpackers hostel in Vancouver and we were very excited to go down to the bar to meet up with the other Working Holiday Club members. The excitement was met with others just as excited to see some familiar faces and loads of drinks were had by all.

Heres a few photos of our first night...

The only use for condoms given to you on a street.

Kylie & I weren't too sure how we could benefit from condoms or what we could do with them. But thankfully Sam knew exactly what to do with them... 

So 3 nights we're spent at the hostel in Vancouver and we only took 1 photo of the surroundings the whole time we where there and It's hardly worth showing, but since I've mentioned the photo already here it is.

This was taken from a Taxi in Vancouver.

We need to make a trip back there because Vancouver is a really beautiful place. With such little time to do everything we literally went to the bank & and got our SIN numbers sorted then went shopping every day for snowboarding gear cause it's crazy cold. At night we spent time with The Working Holiday Club members having dinner, drinks or playing Daytona at the arcade. No time was made to Tour around Vancouver so I guess this means you'll have to get yourselves there next year to see it for yourself...


But today we arrived at SilverStar Resort and I could not wait to take out the camera and take photos of the beautiful resort. So we checked in and got shown to our room and around the accommodation (we will show you photos  of our room once we unpack properly) then I headed out to take photos here they are...

SilverStar Resort- Vernon

These photo do not do SilverStar Justice and the crew here so far are just as beautiful. We'll we got to leave you there, as there is conversations happening around us and I don't want to be anti-social. We also need to wash some more undies because we're running out fast. So catch you all soon with photos of our rooms, clean undies and more stories to tell...


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  1. Amazing so glad you girls are happy, snow never seen it looks fantastic, keep the antics andpictures coming love Mum xx