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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Chapter 7 "San Diego Hostel Lovin"

Never have we been in one place and felt so much love, except at a free hugs convention and I don't think thats exactly love... Checking into San Diego we didn't think it could beat Disneyland; but San Diego has yet to disappoint us; and proven that theory very wrong. Upon checking in we headed straight to the town to have a look around, well not straight more like a block south then two more left a few back north and then a massive circle, we got a tad lost. Well I wouldn't call it lost more of creating our own path to a destination that takes a lot longer, a lot! We bought some shoes & Kylie bought some caps and headed back to the hostel and had a few to drink with the others...

When we woke up yesterday we put our names on the list for Tijuana, Mexico with the hostel. We were a bit scared about wether we were doing the right thing or not; but we were not going to miss out on sombreros, tacos, coronas and mechanical bull rides. 

Then we reached the boarder...

You literally just walk in... Scary...
Thoughts of turning back flushed through our minds then the thought of an amazing night quickly overpowered it. Well not completely over powered, it wasn't until we arrived at the first drinking place and had 2 margaritas & a shot for $5... It was enough to make anyone forget their fears, and self respect. Well maybe not their self respect; that part that comes after you have tequila poured down your throat by a old mexican pub owner with a whistle in  his mouth, towel in his hand, and let you ride a mechanical bull only in your jox (don't worry mum('s), that wasn't Kylie or I, it was a guy from the hostel called Ben) Sorry Ben's mum.

If that doesn't paint enough of a picture, which I suppose it doesn't because there was no brushes or even paint for that matter involved here is some images.

Tijuana, Mexico
The night was a thrill and we all got back across the boarder to USA. So all in all a success. Needless to mention that the next day (which is today) was most unproductive until about 4pm this afternoon when we all decided to hit up Ocean Beach; or O-B to the locals of San Diego; for the sunset on the cliffs. After a tram ride that had us in unexpected stitches the whole time due to Jake (bearded biker guy from Seattle) mistaking an actor for a ticket conductor (very awkward for Jake & hilarious for the rest of the passengers)... I suppose you had to be there to fully understand the situation but you didn't have to be to understand how amazing the sunset was on Ocean Beach, because here is a glimpse of what it looked like...

Ocean Beach, San Diego

Now we are sitting around the lounge room reflecting on our stay here at the hostel, a few will depart tomorrow, which is sad for the majority of those leaving us; but this girl beside us with hairy arm pits definitely won't be... The laughs will be for sure, like when we ask her to point us to exactly where the pizza joint is just to show others that we aren't lying when we tell them there are like beavers nesting in her armpits....

Kylie and I will be on our own again. But one things for sure, the memories and friendships we have made will last a lifetime. The hostel here is definitely the best thus far and I dare the universe to top it off...


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  1. Sounds amazing you girls are having the time of your lives and so glad everything is going well. Miss you both heaps sending you heaps of hugs & kisses love all of us xxxxxx Mum xxxxx

  2. That was awesome!!!!!
    So glad I met you two in San Diego was an amazing time.
    Looking forward to seeing u in Australia ;)
    P.S it's mat but I don't have one of those account things so it had to be anonymous :P x x

    1. It was awesome!!!!
      We are both as equally happy to have met you as well...
      San Diego was awesome....
      More than happy to host a tour for you in Australia...

      Thanks for letting me know who you are matt...

      Come do a season with us contact the working holiday club yet?