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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chapter 8 "California Dreams come to a End"

So the past three days has been pretty full on for Kylie and myself. Our last day in San Diego was spent at Sea World, yesterday was spent on the funniest shuttle bus ride ever and today was a full on day at Universal Studios. Plus a few bits and pieces that need to be mentioned in between, but let's start back off where we left...

Sea World was a great day out, very quiet in the park and we had no cues for any of the rides, some great one on one experiences with the marine animals and great seats in the grand stands for the wild life shows. For once we didn't buy any souvenirs; actually I lie, Kylie just reminded me that she bought a baseball (Kylie's collecting them now) somehow I think with the cap, shoes & now baseball collection we're not going to be able to fund a second season with The Working Holiday Club without coming back to work in Australia first or winning one of the balloon blogger comps, so on that note please support us, ask any questions and like The Working holiday Club Page on Facebook. Or donate here! Or both! Would make sense to do both really that way we are guaranteed funds of some sort...

Sea World San Diego

After a big day at Sea World we headed back to the hostel in San Diego and packed our bags, we seem to be getting better and better at it as there is more and more space with every pack. Either that or we are missing bits and pieces.

The next morning we woke up and hit the shops around San Diego and with our stomachs set on "The Counter" for lunch. Some of the guys at the hostel had rated them the "best burgers and fries" they had eaten, so we just had to check them out. We went in with our eyes bigger than our bellies but powered on through ever last bit because it was just too good to waste. You choose from a menu and tick what you want on your burger including the burger bun itself. A few minutes later the tastiest burger you've ever seen hits your taste buds and anything else from then on just doesn't hit the spot quiet the same. So get yourself to the nearest counter burger and order yourself some of those delicious sweet potato chips on the side with that mouth watering in house sauce *starts to drewl*

A tasty Treat... "The tastiest treat".
With our bellies full and our pants unzipped we climb aboard the hostel hopper that would take us back to Hollywood. This is where we met Brian, a mid 20's handsome guy (according to Cait's advice, because we really had no idea) Brian for the past few years has had his mind, heart and pen set to paper to make it big in Hollywood. With Cait on the DJ decks in the front, (strange girl's in the centre), Kylie & I in the back seats and luggage everywhere, this was guaranteed to be a fun few hours drive! No really it was, conversations were flowing, Kylie & I gifted laughter, McDonald's provided a half way toilet break & snacks and sometime in the future we can say, we knew "Brian- the producer of *insert film title here*"

Luggage in every nook and cranny...

When we got to Hollywood we went straight to sleep so we were ready for the big day ahead at Universal Studio. Besides we already had enough abdominal workout for the day from all the laughter on the trip down. We woke up bright and early and step aboard the metro to get ourselves to Universal Studios. This is what the day looked like...

Universal Studios Hollywood
And this is what it looks like when Kylie finally makes it to the Transformers Ride, meets Bumble Bee, buys all the merchandising in the shop that she possible could and repeats this several times...

The day was a blast, Kylie had heaps of fun and I enjoyed seeing her smile from ear to ear the whole day! I'm not going to enjoy trying to find extra room in our backpacks for all the Transformers merchandise tomorrow morning, but I'll definitely enjoy the memories we made today...

Tomorrow we will wake up, go find Ellen Star, take a photo of the Hollywood sign (can't believe we haven't done that yet) and climb aboard a bus to San Francisco! Leave us a comment with some ideas for San Francisco in the comment section below. 
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  1. Enjoy reading your blog and so glad you too are enjoying yourselves, sounds like you're having a fantastic time, and very happy Kylie has meet Bumble Bee :) Stay safe and get wait for the next post. Hugs Mum, Ron & Thomas xxxxxxx