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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chapter 11 "The Start of Winter 2012/2013"

Since arriving in Silver Lodge at Silver Star Resort, Vernon BC, It has been go go go go go go... sleep... go go go... Late nights in Room *** ... go go... Trips to Vernon... Sleeping in... go go go... Eating... Snow Fights... go go go... Therefor we have had little time to sit still and report back to Y'all.

*** Room number not available until you pass initiation.

At first it was a small interment group comprising of just 9 of us in total. Now there are over 100 different staff in the accommodation and things are getting hectic. Especially last night after the 2nd Powder Express bus arrived; it was rather a big night for a lot of the crew with majority of them feeling very sore in the head this morning (I think they must have all caught the flew???)

I started training yesterday and just finished my second day in Guest Services Training. I am in love with my new job, in love with Silver Star, in love with Phil (my new boyfriend) and in love with the close net of friends we have become rather attached to.

Our highlight so far:

Prior to everyone turning up on the Powder Express with The Working Holiday Club; Phil, Kylie & Myself wanted to use our new boards. So that's exactly what we did! By standers wouldn't call it snow boarding; more so little kids excited with their new snow gear. Phil was a natural at it, I went alright but poor Kylie spent most of the time on her bottom... This is what it looked like!!!

Getting our staff passes was another highlight to us. Sure it's not as great as the 1st time we played on our snowboards; but definitely worth the mention because this is what they look like...

We thought we'd have some fun with them, wait to I get a photo of Phil's. Kylie asking for cordial & Myself phoning home with E.T. is noting compared to his...

Getting Room mates!!! (more information to come)

Along with 1st time attempts at snowboarding & getting our staff passes we witnessed heavy powder snowfall, trying a famous Long Johns Burger and watching The Avengers for he 1st time. Ok, so maybe watching The Avengers for the 1st time isn't worth mentioning... But I'm getting delirious because its early hours of the morning and I start work in a few hours. Therefore your just going to have to wait to our next post to see what us crazy clean undies freaks are up to...


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  1. Good effort for the first go on a board , may I suggest you invest in a couple of lessons, it will save you a ton of bruises!

    1. hahaha thanks! we definitely will invest in some lessons... I like the fact that you refer to them as an investment too :)