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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Chapter 12 "Hash Tag YOLO"

So what is there to do on a Friday night on a mountain far away from town? No seriously what is there to do, something that didn't hurt my head the next day would be great. Please comment with suggestions, keeping in mind it is cold and a 30 minute taxi trip into town. Oh wait! and most of us are poor...

Well we had pre-drinks in Staff accommodation to lower the cost of drinks when we went out (this may not have been a success for some). Played some free pool, ping pong and fuse ball in the staff accommodation facilities and then headed to The Saloon in Silver Star Village.

There were all of The Working Holiday Club members who had just arrived on the powder express bus and just wanted some time to settle in; but I was proud of the minority that shouted "YOLO" and came to contribute to a good night.

The Saloon 23RD November 2012.
It's was a big night out with very few memories the next morning and even greater hangovers. Unfortunately Kylie was sick and didn't get to go out with us all, but she was laughing Sunday with all the stories told and making loud noises for all the sensitive ears around her. 

I took a lot of photo's Friday Night that make a few of us blush and hang their heads in shame. Well played TWHC well played. 

Special mention should be given to Will. My partner in crime for the night and my hang over buddy on Sunday. Thanks for making it a unforgettable night dude, here are some shots I took that night of us. Now looking back on them, your purple shirt and green hair was reminiscent of a villain in batman.

Well it's Sunday morning now and all through the dorm people are sleepy as hell. A few of the staff backed it up again last night one of them including our room mate Jake. So I want to go make some noise and stir them up and Kylie is energised and ready to have some fun in the snow.


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