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Monday, February 11, 2013

Chapter 32 "Birthday Strip"

Since beginning our travels with The Working Holiday Club nothing has cease to amaze us, we've had a lot of nights to remember and a few we rather we didn't.

This is one we're happy to remember but we're not so sure about what Canadian Councillors will think as per our Visa Agreement clearly states & I quote: "Not Valid for employment in business related to the sex trade such as strip clubs, massage parlours or escort services"

Right there in black and white...

Well without further a do, the title of this chapter should explain the rest. So dim the lights and sit tight for this special show...

Thanks Aaron, you really know how to embrace the moment & somehow we think you've done this before. If not maybe you should pretend you didn't read the notice on your visa & make some extra cash?

"Thats it for this blog, until next time keep those undies sexy incase you have to give someone lucky a birthday surprise"


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