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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chapter 33 "Snow Sculpture"

Silver Star are proud platinum sponsors of this years Vernon Winter Carnival. The Carnival held different events, competitions, attractions and shows throughout Vernon.

Silver Star Mountain provided lots of snow for the Snow Sculpture Competition and the teams of artist work day & night to turn massive blocks of ice into their master pieces. 

At first we were puzzled as to what they were going to be but drawing into the 2nd day they started to take form filling our mountain with beautiful pieces of art.

Here is what they looked like...

The sculptures have been amazing to look at every day on our way to work and have brought lots of locals to the mountain to see these gigantic sculptures for themselves. It was great to be apart of a local event and I'll be sad to see them disappear...

You never now what the working holiday will throw you way, it's not just all about partying & boarding. It's about living amongst a new community with a different sense of culture as well.

Come check it out for yourself next winter with The Working Holiday Club.

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  2. Hey Guys!!! Glad you love them, we just love looking at them everyday!

    The 1st imgae of the cave man and the new flower blossoming through the snow won!