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Friday, February 22, 2013

Chapter 34 "Saying Good Bye"

So we've met alot of great people on the working holiday and had to had to say good bye to a lot of friend as they are going back to uni to start a new semester, some who had to go back for wedding and others who have broken bones and needed to be back home for medical reasons. 
Which has meant lots of "going away parties" and "goodbye dinner" and lots of alcohol.

Sunday Roast Dinner
Sunday Roast Dinner
Goodbye Dan & Kel!!!
 Along with saying good bye to the friends we've met also comes the reality that our working holiday is soon to be over as well...
So what do we do to make the most out of our last month on the resort:

* First of all I'm detoxing from all these dinners & drinks.
* Use all the food before we leave- no waste from us.
* Get out on the snow boards every opportunity that we have so we have, so there is no regrets.

* Same goes for those Ice Skates we bought in Vancouver.
* Try to pack our back packs to send home anything that wont fit.
* Plan our next adventure. (Im most excited for this) 

Planning our next adventure is so exciting and now that we've done a working holiday we have the tools we require to plan our next trip. Not to mention all the contacts we have since doing so, our opportunities are endless picking one is the hardest part now.

"Hello New Adventure"
Leave us anything that we might be missing to make the most of this last month.- change the "comment as" button below the post to: anonymous; this will allow you to leave a comment without creating an account.

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